Transfer and acrylic workshop report

Workshop Report Card Grade is A+++! New workshops are tricky, and this one especially so because we were using a heat transfer on paper and then working with acrylics, which were unfamiliar to some of the participants – but should I have worried? Nah! Great results, great times, lots of learning and laughing. If you’d like to see the process itself, I demonstrate it here on YouTube, and if you’d like to see the participants’ spectacular results, just look at the photos (which, taken on my phone cause I forgot my cool new camera, don’t begin to justify the work). I also did a tutorial on another process we tried using Golden Fluid Acrylic Medium for transfers, here.


7 thoughts on “Transfer and acrylic workshop report

  1. This was a wonderful class. If I never do another transfer picture, I will be happy with this one. I love being with you in your studio. Carolyn

  2. I was amazed at all of the really good work, especially with the acrylics. Terry, you are right – how to use it is a question that should be fun to figure out. I’m still thinking . . .

  3. oooooo, Lyn, I wanna try the Golden medium transfer with some photos ” y mas” ! You are soooo great to share the “how to video”!!!

    • Jan, some of your window and light photos would be fabulous to incorporate into these kinds of transfers –

  4. Enjoyed your demo videos! Your step-by-step instructions make it so easy to follow. Looking forward to more of your creative energy!

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