A new website – and it’s mine, all mine!

TAH-DAH!! New studio, new website - life is bueno!

TAH-DAH!! New studio, new website – life is bueno!

Whew! My new website is finished (or as finished as those things ever get – tweak tweak). Take a look!


I built it myself so I could include things like links to my Etsy page and a “Your Page” place to show video tutorials for you guys. It also has a super easy link to the Behind the Veil encaustic collage ebook, which makes downloading a snap.

Creating a new site was hard, but worth it! And it works sooooo much better than the old website, which had been around since the dawn of the Internet.

SHARDS readers are the first to see this, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions, positive or negative (sometimes negative is a very good thing).

Yeah, I know the studio workshops aren’t up yet, but they will be soon, and the check-out process should be simple and easy.

So here’s the link – thanks for checking it out!! And stay warm and dry this weekend – here in South Texas it’s gonna get nasty – brrrrrrrr.

22 thoughts on “A new website – and it’s mine, all mine!

  1. Oh, Lyn, your new website is breathtaking, showing off the range of your work so beautifully. Your definitely deserve to be very proud of yourself not only for creating such a gorgeous and fluidly easy website to navigate but for the amazing body of work you’ve created. Bravo! PS: Thanks so much for the video!

  2. Lyn, congratulations on your new studio and website! The website is beautiful…what a wonderful way of showcasing your art, your workshops, and your amazing talents. Love the headings and the artists’ statement, too. Bravo!..and all the best to you as you launch in a direction that is all your own…
    (Also, a belated thank you for the very nice ‘shout out’ of me on your last blog.)

  3. Looks great Lyn, looking forward to following you on all your new adventures, I hope to see a Facebook group/class with you someday!

  4. You are so cute and it shows all throughout your NEW website!!!! Congratulations my friend!!! May your resources continue to multiply and your loving arms surround the best of us!!!

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