Altar Update: The Guardian of the Golden Bough

Done and delivered to Celebration Circle! Here is the finished altar for their silent auction during the month of September, and now I know why I needed to use the moss. The figure represents The King of the Wood from Sir James Frazer’s book, The Golden Bough (pub. 1890), which seeks to explain the roots of human religion, science and magic. Being an eccentric spiritual eclectic, it made sense to me to reflect my own private musings through this guy, The Guardian of the Golden Bough.

The completed piece

The completed piece

I had fun constructing him, and when I took him down to the collection place in Blue Star Art Complex, I got to see some of the other altars. They’ll all be photographed soon, so you can see them, too. Hope you can come to the fundraising event on Sept. 30th! Here are some other photos of Mr. Guardian (or maybe it’s Ms. Guardian?) And here’s a tip – if you have a Kindle and want to read The Golden Bough, it’s on Amazon for a free download!


13 thoughts on “Altar Update: The Guardian of the Golden Bough

  1. Beautiful. I love how you worked through that moss/god/ending. I’m seriously coveting this piece. I’m going to check out Blue Star and see how the bidding works. Thank you for another inspiring work story.

  2. Thanks, you guys – this has been a perfect example of how a work “tells” you want it needs to be. I could not for the life of me figure out how to represent my own spirituality, and it turned out that The Golden Bough was perfect and the moss and face were right from the beginning, I just didn’t know why 🙂 It’s almost spooky!

  3. The Work is perfect! Reminds me of the Bird in/on the Outhouse. It is exactly what it knew it needed to be. Congratulations!!

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  5. Lynn~ synchronicity brought me to your works several mons. ago. Our journey is always in flux. I too, am an artist. It took a divorce, a move for 10 yrs. to Tucson, AZ. then the universe closed the doors and brought me back to Ohio. I am in transition trying to move with the ebb and flow of life. As we know spirit is in an endless, powerful state of being continuously on the move while we wait patiently in the wings for that nudge to help us proceed. I feel the connection with your work so much that I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening and stretching my imagination. I too, work with many mediums and will continue to grow because of your generosity that reaches all of us who have found you. I hope to visit your studio. If I ever find my way back thru Texas. I would love the opportunity to share and do a class or two with your community.Thank you again for opening that door of creativity and enhancing my spiritual growth with your divine energy.
    Pam Stafford 937-559-4263
    6428 Little John Circle Dayton, Ohio 45459

    • Pam, what an astonishingly beautiful note – thanks more than mere words – I so identify and empathize. Please keep in touch via email ( – I’d love to hear how your journey progresses. Hope it does indeed take you to Texas. You would be most welcome – I think we’d have a wonderful time sharing our thoughts and inspirations.
      PS I would *love* to see some of your work when you feel like sending a photo or two – thank you ever so much

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