Meanwhile, back at the altar . . .

When last we saw our altar box for Celebration Circle’s Silent Auction, it had a not-too-happy Spirit Doll lying in it, and it looked pretty creepy. Sigh. But I *knew* the moss was the right thing – so I kept thinking and working, and then I remembered a graduation gift I made for my grandson. It was a wall sculpture of the Celtic god, Cernunnos. I liked him because he was kind of a mystery, open to possibilities (actually, that goes for my grandson, too :)). Using Cernunnos as an inspiration, I am working on my Altar gift to Celebration Circle. It’s not quite finished, but here he is – The Guardian of the Sacred Grove with his little bird buddy, still a work in progress.


If you want to see it finished, come to the Bijou Theatre Gallery between Sept.1 and Sept 30th and view all 50 of these wonderful Altars. The closing reception and Silent Auction is on September 30th at 6:00. With any luck, you can take home the Guardian of the Sacred Grove or another cool altar to grace your own place of creative belonging!


3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the altar . . .

  1. Did you use the Megamold blue & white product to make that face mold? I can’t wait to get some and make molds….of everything!

  2. Hi, Judy,
    Actually, that was made from an earthenware press mold that I fired – it’s fairly big/heavy and I doubt that the blue stuff would hold up for something that size. But i love it for smaller stuff! in fact, I found some great angels at Goodwill today and am going to make molds of their cute little faces in the morning !

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