Cat Shamans, a serendipitous surprise kitten and a Friday Freebie


Meow —  and Happy Friday. Yesterday was all about cats.

I’m teaching a class called The Mystical Cat Shaman at Artful Gathering this summer, and a group of local friends wanted to try it out. So we scheduled a custom weekday workshop held yesterday (you can do this too, by the way) and created a litter of Mystical Cat Shamans at the Studio!

The “serendipitous surprise” came as we were just starting. Roxanne was late, and she called in with a voice message, “Can you hear in the background why I’m not there yet?”  We all heard kitten mews on the speaker – adorable!

She brought the newly-rescued three-week-old kitten to the workshop and we took turns holding it while we worked. Roxanne is a consummate animal rescuer – she even had some kitten milk replacement formula with her. The little guy was pretty hungry.

Of course, the kitten found a home before the workshop was over. Whether it was the kitten surprise or the group energy, the Cat Shaman creations were amazing – each one different, each one magically personal. Take a look.

So if all of this inspires you, be sure that you are subscribed to SHARDS by midnight on Sunday. One name will be drawn to win the Friday Freebie – a Shaman Cat Starter Kit complete with Heart Box body and kiln-fired earthenware head, ready to finish. Even “dog people” are eligible, so feel free to share this post. Hmmm – are Dog Shamans in my future?




17 thoughts on “Cat Shamans, a serendipitous surprise kitten and a Friday Freebie

  1. Oh, what a wonderful story of the class! I would love to take the class in person
    Instead of online. They are beautiful!

  2. Hi, I’m already taking a class at AG but I just have to get the Cat Shaman class as well. I have used the DVD for one of your other classes and they are wonderful. The Shaman class looks fabulous. Ann

  3. Oh your Cat Shaman class must have been wonderful. My daughter and hubby are Cat Lovers hope I am lucky and win the kit so I can make it for them!
    Thanks for offering it.

  4. I am a consumate cat lover, from way, way, back. Love all these Cat Shaman magical creations! I will definitely be signing up or your Artful Gathering workshop. You always inspire and enchant me with your a-musing ideas.

  5. Must get to SA for a cat shaman workshop! PLEASE tell me the kitten has been named “Shaman???” Love you!

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