Frabulous Friday Freebie – so, subscribe to SHARDS!

I am loading the kiln this morning with some new work for Shades of Green and also some 3-D assemblage pieces that I’ve made for a new sketched-out sculpture concept (stay tuned) – it’s great to be working with clay again. Here’s some of the stuff that’s going to be fired today:kiln1

So in honor of Firing Day (and to bribe new subscribers), this is the Frabulous (?) Friday Freebie (below) – a face shard that’s about 6″ across, already fired and finished with walnut ink, and ready to hang on your gate or your wall or put in a bowl or whatever else your heart desires.

kiln2 Just make sure you’re a SHARDS subscriber by midnight on Sunday and I’ll do a random drawing of all subscribers to pick the winner (and will ship if out-of-town person is drawn) – thanks! And TGIF, y’all.


8 thoughts on “Frabulous Friday Freebie – so, subscribe to SHARDS!

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  2. I happily resubscribed Lyn! Sorry for the hassle on your end. The new pieces are amazing. I look forward to seeing what shows up in your etsy. And of course my fingers are crossed for your giveaway!

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