Winner, workshops — and my new Shard work

Happy Monday! And congratulations to Mary James, winner of the Friday Freebie Face Shard. Mary, when you’re coming by the Studio, she will be waiting for you. Now, about the Mask, Robe and Rune workshop on Saturday – it was glorious! Here’s a link to the video so you can see for yourself the participants’ wonderful dimensional creations.

I was so inspired by what we did at the workshop that I spent yesterday working on a new series called – are you ready? – Shardian Angels! These are assemblage pieces made with shards of earthenware clay and natural materials, and each one is named after a Celtic goddess. Here are the first two. I am absolutely loving the construction process. I’m still working on two others, and will be doing more in this limited series, but they will be at the Studio soon and will be available for sale at the May 3rd show with Lesta, Jan and Alison. Yay for Shardian Angels!!

Anoba, Celtic forest goddess

Anoba, Celtic forest goddess (17″ high)


Andraste, Celtic victory goddess (20″ high)


11 thoughts on “Winner, workshops — and my new Shard work

    • Greatly respect the emotional integrity of your work. Please direct me to the site that will provide a purchase location. I would like to base a winter holiday period on your pieces. Sophisticated yet innocent. Per-
      haps like fairy’s singing carols

  1. Lynn, Just want you to know that I so enjoy your work! My g
    oal is to someday meet you in person and see your studio….. maybe next winter I can be a snowbird and land somewhere around your area. Will need to start looking for a mini studio/ bed to rest my head place to rent for a month or two. I am really not the snowbird type but if I had a purpose I could do it…. art … art …art.
    Will be looking for more of your Celtic Goddess.

  2. Love seeing all the new creations from the studio…It has inspired me to start working on my own little spirit dolls!!!

    • i am so excited about the encouraging comments!! thanks so much, everyone – and Mary, I’ll have your little shard face ready for you- if you can’t get by the Studio I can mail it – just let me know.

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  4. Are your small spirit doll heads/masks or shard faces still available? I purchased some awhile back and want to buy more. Please send information to above address.
    Alyce McDonald

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