I don’t do cowboys – however . . .

Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, but I tend to regard “cowboy art” as somewhat clichéd. However, I found this great early 20th century photo of a horseman that seemed as if it might work for an encaustic photocollage, particularly after I blurred the background using Photoshop.

Just for fun, I took pictures at every stage of the process, and you can see how it all went together as I worked through it – the finished piece is 16×16″ and is collage and wax on Arches watercolor paper bonded to a birch cradle panel. I might have done a few things differently, but I’m pleased with the result – it’s a new take on cowboy art! Now I just have to figure out a title . . . . “Blazing Saddles”? Nah, that’s taken . . . .

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13 thoughts on “I don’t do cowboys – however . . .

  1. I think it’s quite nice, I myself have struggled with cowboy, western art, living in Arizona and Texas, I do love the beauty and the spirit of the desert through passing of time and people. I think as you make it yours you’ve lost the cliche.

  2. Lynn, it’s wonderful! I don’t care for cowboy art much, but this is gorgeous! The old guy would be pleased!

  3. Also a native Texan who’s not fond of Cowboy Art with one major exception: Charles Russell. Altho I must admit my first attempt at oil painting was to copy “The Roundup” picture on my grandfather’s Stetson hat box. What’s so fabulous here, Lyn, is your process!

  4. Lookiing great – I need to come back and spend more time with it – we are in reentry now home for CO – Luv

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