Image Transfer Workshop

I loved this workshop group – we experimented a lot and got crazy results, sometimes really good ones, sometimes really weird ones. One of the things that *didn’t* seems to work was the ITS solution on the tiles – I tried it afterwards, and by baking the tile instead of using the heat gun, it seemed to transfer a lot better. I still think I rushed it a bit (and next time will let it soak several hours) but here were the steps I followed:

Cut the thermal (laser) design to fit the unglazed tile

Rub a fairly generous amount of the ITS solution on the front of the thermal (laser) photo

 Pllace face down on unglazed tile and rub until well-adhered, then bake in a 325F oven for 30 minutes

 The paper will be firmly stuck to the tile after baking

 Cool the tile, then soak it in cold water for at least an hour (this is where I rushed it a bit)

 Gently rub the paper off, leaving the ink design – you can see that it came off around the edges, but I think if I had torn the edges to make them softer, this might not have happened.

Coat with a clear acrylic spray to protect the tile

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