Lights, Camera . . .

I am the first to admit that my photos of my work are not the best. I have problems with lighting because of the reflective surfaces. Recently I saw a table light tent setup in a Sky Mall magazine on the plane back from Delaware for $99 plus $20 shipping, but once I got home I found this one for about $35 by doing a web search.

It arrived today from Cowboy Studios via Amazon, and I’m impressed with it. The whole thing, including lights, tripod and four backdrops fits into a fairly flat 18×18″ case that unfolds to make the tent. i didn’t have any new work to shoot, but I took a photo of a rock (see last picture) – hey, if it stands still, I’ll collage it 🙂

End of commercial, but I definitely think this setup will make my photos better, and it’s certainly affordable and portable.

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