Thanks, Steve Bennett, for a wonderful article

San Antonio Express-News awesome book editor, Steve Bennett, has written an article about my Kindle covers that’s any artist’s dream – his insights and descriptions are right on. He could make a rutabaga sound interesting, but I’m glad he choose my work instead! Here’s the article in today’s E/N.
Steve gives a link to this blog and says that directions for doing your own covers for notebooks or ereaders can be found here – yes, they are in an earlier post. Here’s that link from August 2nd:

It’s a fun project, and you can change the measurements to make all kinds of handmade book covers or portfolios for your art or your children’s art or favorite recipes, or . . . . the possibilities are unlimited, plus you get to get in touch with your bad old creative self.

Again, many thanks to Steve (and to talented photographer Helen Montoya for her sharp photos and good tips on photography)!

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