Little family things to share . . .

Sometimes you just have to share with friends – that’s youhere’s a post that my son Rick wrote about his grandmother, my mom, who would have been 100 on August 26th. Dang, I miss her! If she were here, she’s be wishing me a happy back-to-school day tomorrow. If your mom is still around, give her a hug!




5 thoughts on “Little family things to share . . .

  1. This was so lovely. And you are so beautiful…the beautiful little girl. And, gosh, you’re about the same size today. Hmmmmm…
    Love you and thanks for sharing this. Reminded me of my own grandmother and my lovely mother.

  2. That is a beautiful photo of your mom, and you as a baby. And a beautiful story from Rick. Hope to see you soon, even though you are going back to school. You are always so busy, but maybe we can carve out some time.

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