Little shardz


Mama Didn’t Tell – earthenware assemblage, Lyn Belisle, 2016

I love working in clay, making little pieces that become parts of a whole. When people ask me what my favorite medium is, earthenware is right up there because it’s my first love. In the 70’s, I learned handbuilding and production pottery with Tracy Dotson, (miss you, Tracy). He told me to stick to painting! But I still love making small clay shards that tell a story all by themselves of as part of an assemblage.

Last night after getting ready for Monika’s Trunk Show (today, 11-3, Studio, be there!), I started finishing some small pieces that can be used as components in assemblage or just as little mysterious bits of clay to frame or put in your pocket for a lucky charm. They are tagged as “Shardz” because my little alphabet stamp set didn’t have two S’s. I kinda like “Shardz.” I’ll have these at the Studio on a regular basis starting today. Priced from $4-$12, they invite you to pick one for yourself to use in mysterious ways! Hope to see you today at Monika’s Sale!


Framed “Shardz” – looks just like a Pre-columbian relic!

sz6 sz2  sz3 sz5

12 thoughts on “Little shardz

  1. Good morning, Lyn…
    For those of us who live far way, will you have these lovely little Shardz pieces available thru your Etsy shop?
    Be well…

    • Louise, I could do that – just trying to figure out a way to do it so I wouldn’t have to list 30 different shards individually – ideas?

      • Perhaps photographing all the same priced ones together in one photo. Folks could just describe which one(s) they are wanting from the listed price category?

  2. Your ‘Shardz” are beautiful, Lyn! I wish I could be there today to pick some up. They would work beautifully in some of my assemblages. Miss you!

  3. Love all those little pieces. Hope you include them in your ETSY shop. Perhaps I photo and label A B C etc. I live too far away to visit your studio. snivel

  4. Hi Lyn, I live in Idaho…far away from your studio. I have purchased some shards from you in the past & just LOVE them. Can I purchase some of your “Shardz” from you???? Puhleeze???
    Just let me know & I will reply promptly.

    Thanks for inspiring me…yet again.

    Judith Berlo-Tucker

  5. I think I can make categories of these little piece and group them as similar objects – let me work on that so I can share them with you guys on the Etsy shop. Awesome suggestions! thanks!

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