San Fernando Cemetery

San Antonio is graced with beautiful old cemeteries – it’s one of the oldest cities in the Americas. I don’t have to look far for compelling faces to use as celebratory face molds for my Scent Shard sculptures. I took a trip to San Fernando Cemetery by the Missions today and came away with some beautiful press molds that are going to be ready to use after they are fired. I also took a lot of photos and could have take lots more. There were families picnicking on relatives’ graves and lots of really funny gaudy bright arrangements everywhere. Shops around San Fernando sell these. Some have cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny festooned with polyester flowers. But the sculptures and monuments are unrivaled.
The first photo shows me reaching up to take a face mold from a tall angel statue – I use only white clay to leave the stone unblemished, and the process takes just a few gentle seconds. The other two photos show monuments that I thought were particularly lovely.

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