Setting out to set up . . .

Today is the Beacon Hill Art Walk and my friend Pat Semmes and I are making preparations to get the artwork and setup stuff from Here to There, which is about half a mile up Beacon Hill. Another friend, Danny, will be the muscleman on the team and help us get the carts up the cobblestone sidewalks. Yay. Our location, which we will share with two other artists, is just off Revere Street in Bellingham Place, a shady courtyard – well, more like an alley :). This is gonna be fun! At least we’re pretty close to the Gelato shop.

Here’s the artwork semi-packed upbasket

Here are the art supplies, semi-cleaned up:


And here is some additional Paper Cut-out Art from my Boston kitty who evidently thought I could use a bit more variety:

Onward and (quite literally) UPWARD! Report to follow!

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