Beacon Hill Art Walk – ups and downs


aw3Hooray! There were many more Ups that Downs yesterday. The only little downs were the really strong winds that spontaneously rearranged the artwork every fifteen minutes, and the high temperatures. But hundreds of people turned out for the eighty or ninety artists who showed on the streets and in the courtyards of Beacon Hill.


Among the highlights – I saw an old friend from Chicago, Sharon Bostick. She lived on Beacon Hill for many years and happened to be in town for the show, looked me up, and voila! Sharon and her husband purchased several pieces. Thanks, Sharon! An unexpected highlight came from the Art Walk committee who visited my spot and awarded me with yellow ribbon for third place in show – wow! Not bad for this first-time non-Boston newbie. Thanks, Committee!


I could not have done the show without friends Pat Semmes and Danny Sanchez who helped haul the stuff (including tables) up and down the brick sidewalks. I think after all was said and done I sold ten pieces, got a very nice award,  met some super artists (who said that it was more of a looking day than buying day, but still . . .) and will definitely apply for next year. I’ll be back, jurors willing and the creek don’t rise.  Here are some more photos:

7 thoughts on “Beacon Hill Art Walk – ups and downs

  1. How validating to get an award at your first (annual) appearance at the Beacon Hill show. And how beautiful the area was… 🙂 Is there a gallery in Boston in your future????

  2. Absolutely fabulous about your 3rd prize yellow ribbon!!! Boston here you are!!!! Kudos and love,

  3. How wonderful to be recognized for your outstanding talent by the committee. I can’t wait to hear all about your exciting experiences.

  4. How wonderful to be recognized by the committee for your outstanding talent. I can’t wait to her all about your artistic adventure.

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