Small graces on a Sunday afternoon

My next door neighbor, Elizabeth, just came to the door with these lovely fresh eggs from her chickens – she said she hoped the chicken scratching and cackling didn’t bother me, and I said, no,  that it reminded me of the farm in Louisiana where I grew up. What a thoughtful gift, even visually. It called for a photo.eggsliz
And I’d also like to share a note with you from a person who had bought my shard faces before on Etsy and was reordering some. I always try to add a little personal touch to the package when I send it, and I don’t think much about it,  but this brought tears and a smile – you never know, do you, how little things make a difference?

Dear Lyn, Time to order more of your lovelies for a workshop I’m hosting in October. I received my last order on January 7th, 2013 and have to tell you how special the timing was…the package arrived as I was getting ready to attend my husband’s wake…I felt I was surrounded by loving spirits and the sprig of rosemary that you enclosed went into his buttonhole for remembrance…thank you…that lifted a heaviness from my soul.

Wow. . . . I hope *your* Sunday is touched with small graces.



5 thoughts on “Small graces on a Sunday afternoon

  1. Wow – she must have Araucana chickens – they lay the pretty pale green eggs. True story: the people who lived next door (somewhere else in town) had chickens that they didn’t keep corralled very well. The chickens would come over to our yard, crow under our window (well, the rooster did), poop on the patio, and lay eggs where you couldn’t find them until they started to smell. One day I looked out the back door just in time to see the rooster and a couple of hens fly over the fence into our yard. I grabbed the broom and charged out of the house yelling, “You get back in your yard right now!” at exactly the same time as their son climbed over the fence to get the chickens back. I don’t think the poor kid’s feet even touched the ground – he just flipped in mid-air back over the fence, and I started laughing so hard I could barely apologize. I’m pretty sure they thought we were crazy the whole rest of the time we lived there.

    Glad your neighbor is more thoughtful!

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