Steven DaLuz’s Neo-Luminism

Probably everyone knows an artist whose work consistently inspires and amazes – the paintings of San Antonio artist Steven DaLuz do that for me. He balances content and technique so deftly without making it look too commercial or too slick. Take a look at his portfolio – he’s equally masterful with representational and non-representational subjects. In an interview with the JR Mooney Gallery, he says, “I strive to create work that I am personally passionate about…work that I hope will make the viewer pause for a moment and just FEEL something. I hope to connect with a person by focusing on my own expression of aesthetic ‘beauty’. It often reflects upon primal questions about origins, the expressive beauty of the human figure and the sublime. If there is something in the work that connects with a viewer and stirs their spirit in some way, then I have done my job.”

I think you’ll agree that he does his job – here’s his website and portfolio.

Steven DaLuz webpage

Steven DaLuz webpage



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