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I’ve just finished a small re-do of my website homepage with the new studio logo and a heading that says Lyn Belisle Studio: A Place of Creative Belonging. That’s pretty much expresses what I want people to feel in that space – a haven to create and learn with joy and without judgment.

Whether it’s a workshop, a poetry reading, a computer lesson – there needs to be a sense of serenity, anticipation and accomplishment.  One of my favorite comments from a past workshop was “I amazed myself!” Oh, yeah! That’s perfect.

The poem that inspired the Studio slogan is House of Belonging by David White. If you would like to read it, go here to the Panhala site. I subscribe to this site and never fail to enjoy the daily poems – this one is particularly special.

Hope to see you Saturday at Lyn Belisle Studio: A Place of Creative Belonging! 🙂

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