Where will you be a week from today?

the bow LBWell, if it’s between 6-9 p.m. on Friday the 20th, I hope you’ll be at the Studio, at least long enough to have a drink and a nosh and meet the amazing artist, Pablo Solomon. He’ll be here in San Antonio celebrating Solstice Weekend with us – it’s becoming an annual tradition – hooray! When I visited Pablo and Beverly at their beautiful historic ranch and studio, we selected some stunning and very collectible sculptures and drawings for this show – for example, Pablo’s sculptures of dancers are exquisite and priced (unbelievably) under $200. Here’s your very special invitation:


If for some crazy reason you can’t come by next Friday, darn it, Pablo will be at the Studio from 2-4 on Saturday afternoon the 21st for an informal Show and Tell session to discuss the art market, the creative process, and what it’s like living in (and taking care of) one of the most historic houses in Texas. And the lovely Beverly Solomon can discuss what it’s like to be a muse and model for those wonderful sculptures! Please help us celebrate summer Solstice, dance, the arts and interesting people by coming by Lyn Belisle Studio this coming weekend. Cheers and TGIF!