Herb’s just a face in the crowd . .

I love these little Sprig Shards! I’ve made 100 of them for the San Antonio Herb Market this Saturday, October 19th. Each one of these kiln-fired earthenware herb pots has its own personality. Designed to hold sprigs of herbs, they hang on the wall in the kitchen or by the door. Did you know that a spring of rosemary by your front door means “Welcome?” And that a sprig of poison ivy means “Go Away?” I made that last one up – it doesn’t really. These Sprig Shards can also hold a key or an emergency chocolate kiss – all kinds of possibilities. And – tadah – they are only $7 each, which in my humble potterly opinion, is a bargain for a one-of-a-kind useful art object handcrafted by moi. So come to the 22nd annual Herb Market at the Pearl and check out my simple but sensational Sprig Shard table as well as all of the wonderful herbal plants and food. The San Antonio Herb Society will be there with its new cookbook, too. Find the thyme to go on Saturday. 🙂