Spirit Box showcase and a fresh breath bonus

spboxWaaa-aaay back in October of 2013, I wrote an article for Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine about Spirit Boxes. This is from the intro:  “Spirit Boxes take their roots from art dolls, kachinas, and other meaningful handcrafted figures. They make beautiful gifts, especially if a personal note or small object is tucked inside the box. To make your own Spirit Box, you will need just a few simple materials, and most or all of those can be recyclables.”

Six participants got together at the Studio yesterday to give it at try at our Spirit Box workshop. The results (below) are beautiful, personal, and heartfelt.

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So what’s the “box” part of this construction? It’s a recycled Altoids tin (how ubiquitous – they are used from everything from mini-shrines to sewing kits). But by gluing this on to the back of a flat wall piece, you can both lift it out from the wall to “float” it, and also have a secret compartment for life’s little pleasures like Hershey’s kisses, silver dollars, and secret messages! See?

Punch holes and fashion a "handle" out of wire, then glue on with E6000

Punch holes and fashion a “handle” out of wire, then glue on with E6000

Voila! A secret compartment!

Voila! A secret compartment!


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My personal favorite – an Altoids tin grill that can cook two hotdogs and one marshmallow – seriously?

Two videos and a winner

The first video, shown below for your viewing pleasure, is from yesterday’s Spirit Box workshop. As usual, we exceeded our expectations and enjoyed the creative hanging out, the good food, the spectacular results of our labors, and the delightful company of our mascot, Buster the Pup (see him at the end of the video).

The second video is a short little Show & Tell tutorial that I did for you before the workshop started – it’s a look at how to make cheap foam texture stamps from anything you might have hanging around the house (well, almost . . .).

And, finally, the winner of the Friday Freebie Shard Pin Kit is . . . pjjordan40@satx.rr.com !
This is one of those times that I’m not sure of the subscriber’s name, but if you’re out there and reading this, you WON, pjjordan!! (I’m thinking it might be Phyllis . . .) I see you’re probably from San Antonio by your email address, so let me know when you’d like to come by the Studio to collect your loot (or if that’s not convenient, I’ll send it via the Post Office).

Have a great week, everyone – and mark your calendar for Pablo Solomon’s Solstice Celebration opening at the Studio – wine, women (his sculptures are of dancers) and song (maybe)!

Spreading the spirit . . .


A Spirit Box by Lyn Belisle with a Secret Compartment on the Back

I had a nice surprise in my Inbox this morning from Barbara Delaney, Assistant Editor at INTERWEAVE Press:

Dear Lyn,
Thank you so much for your submission to CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS. We are happy to inform you that your project “Spirit Box Collage” has been selected by the editorial team to be included in our September/October issue. We are so pleased to have your work included in this publication, and hope that you will be, too.

You bet I’m pleased! The Spirit Box Workshop we did last Sunday was so much fun that I’m glad to be able to share the project with a wider audience. I’ve done one other article for Cloth Paper Scissors so far, and it’s always interesting to do the “step-outs.” You have to make the same object six or seven times, each time going a little further in the process. So I’ll need to make seven Spirit Boxes in progress that are all like alike except for their stages of completion.

Cloth Paper Scissors is a great resource for artists and crafters. I recommend their site and their magazine to lots of people. If you go to their site and sign up (it’s free and secure) you can download free e-books on all kinds of subjects. One of my favorites is Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage. Check them out! And look for the Spirit Box article in September.