The Card Elves get the job done, faster than a speeding bullet

Shirlene Harris, recycling maven and artist, took on the challenge of making hundreds of business-card-sized artworks for attendees at the American Art Therapy Association‘s national conference here in San Antonio. At last Saturday’s Show and Tell at the Studio, she mentioned that she didn’t think she could finish in time. Several of the people there immediately volunteered to help. Calling themselves the “Card Elves,” they descended on the Studio last night and whipped those suckers out faster than lightning. It was a blast! These little artworks are inspiring, individually and collectively, and so are the generous and talented makers. Check out the video. Thanks, Elves!!


3 thoughts on “The Card Elves get the job done, faster than a speeding bullet

  1. The kindness and generosity that abounds amongst some artists is amazing. Shirlene what an incredibly wonderful gift you and the Card Elves have given to each member of the art therapy organization. I hope they realize all the time, effort and elving it took to make these little treasures… and the loving support of the Card Elves by their stepping up to the plate in this generous endeavor.
    Gift of giving. Thank you Lyn for sharing… what would we do without you?!!

  2. Wonderful cards each and every one! Amazing the talent that just flows with the right people and a good cause! Wish I could have been there, aloha, angi in hana

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