The fiber world of Jude Hill – Feel Free

Jude Hill’s introduction photo to her Spirit Cloth 101 free and open tutorial

One of the best aspects of the “gift of fire” that is the Internet is the generosity of artists who share their passion. For free. As a wannabe fiber artist, I happily discovered Jude Hill – she freely gives her expertise, her thoughts and vision, and her extensive library of online lessons about creating personal statements in fiber.

Jude Hill – completed study

Her blog itself is called Spirit Cloth and the free lesson site within it is – Feel Free! It’s perfect for people who want to experience the idea of fiber art by working on small pieces and learning techniques while incorporating interesting concepts. Like cats! Like magic! Like magic cats!

Jude Hill “Conjure”

And . . . she grows her own Indigo!

Samples of indigo – Jude Hill

Take a look around Jude’s blog site – it’s packed with ideas and inspiration, and not just for fiber artists. I found myself sketching some nifty ideas for cat spirit dolls after I looked at some of her creations. There’s a place on her site to donate if you feel so inclined. I did. This is what she wrote about her teaching and sharing:

Here, at THIS place I call Feel Free, I intend to share something beyond the “thing”. Feel Free to look around and use what I share.  Feel free to share this place with others. THIS is my gift. THIS is not a business.

With Trust and Peace.

Isn’t that perfect for a day when we think about the concept of freedom? Free to share, free to learn. Happy Independence Day, everyone.

Color sketch by Jude Hill




10 thoughts on “The fiber world of Jude Hill – Feel Free

  1. I have studied with Jude through her fabulous site. I have contributed to her through Feel Free, but I can never pay her adequately for the inspiration she gives to me. I am forever changed because of her influence.

    • Sandy, what a wonderful tribute – I hope she reads this. Thank you for taking the time to comment –
      I’d love to see your work.

      • Lyn, you can see some of my work at my website, The gallery is growing, I seem to be more focused on the blog portion of the site, but within my posts, images of my work appear. I look forward to seeing you there.

  2. Of COURSE you are attracted to her!
    Birds of a feather…flock together!
    You are a generous, Share”er”, too!
    Happy Indepependent Sharing Day, to YOU:)

  3. Lyn~ What a lovely tribute post to our dear Jude. Her site provides more than art…it is a warm community and at times a life saver (for me). I’m so glad you have found and appreciate. She so deserves posts like this. Now to take a peek around YOUR site!!

  4. Nancy, I wish I knew her as you do – what a good spirit she has, and what clarity of vision. So glad you wrote – she must be very dear to you indeed.

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