There’s something about a kimono . . .


Luna, Lyn Belisle, Mixed Media on folded paper, 30×40″

TAH DAH! New mixed-media class in my online Studio Classroom,  starting today! THE ENDURING KIMONO: FORM AND PATTERN

My old, old, OLD friends remember when my signature pieces were large-scale origami kimonos done with mixed media techniques before any of us knew what mixed media was. I loved these pieces and still go back to folding origami as a meditative practice.

This course was developed during the Pandemic as one of my first online teaching classes. It’s an all level exploration of paper folding and surface treatment which results in really enchanting paper kimono forms that translate into all sizes and formats.

I haven’t posted a new class to my online Teachable Studio in quite a while – part of the purpose of getting this course ready was to remember how to use Teachable! But it all worked, and the course is up with five instructional videos. The introduction is a free preview, so please take a look.

Boro Kimono, Lyn Belisle, 11×14″

But wait!! There’s more – for SHARDS peeps, there is a Coupon Code! I wanted to learn how to create coupons, as well, so I actually made one for a $10 discount code. The regular price of the class is $29 (cheap) but with the discount, it is only $19 (cheaper). The code is KIM19 and it is good until next Friday. Just go to the link below, check out the preview, and if you want to join the class, use the code for your discount in the check-out coupon box. I tried it myself and it seems to work – whew.


Meanwhile, I’m having my first group in-person workshop at my San Antonio studio this weekend – wish you were here! Stay safe, stay cool.



12 thoughts on “There’s something about a kimono . . .

    • Jill! How great to hear form you. I think of you so often and still treasure my felted scarf with the lovely circles – hope all is well. We must keep in touch!

  1. Yay! I’m happy to have another Lyn Belisle class for my collection. I think that even if you created a class that I wasn’t really interested in, I would take it because I just love your teaching style. Taking an In Person class with you someday is on my Bucket List.

    • I just counted and I now have enrolled in 17 of your online courses. I guess I should get busy and complete some of them! Life just gets in the way sometimes of my Creative Time.

      • Cindy, I owe you – 17 classes?? That has to be a record. You are preaching to the choir about completing classes. I have done the same thing but always seem to find something useful even in the fragments and segments 🙂

  2. Hi Lyn, I’m always so delighted in the synchronicity that happens with all your posts!
    Today I have time to share.
    I just pulled out some books from my old stash that have been boxed since my last move. When I saw you holding the Kimono book in your intro video, I thought, “I have that book!” And sure enough I went over to my pile and found it, It was given to me by my mother in 1996.
    I have adored Japanese culture from many moons, and I have a collection of kimonos. I didn’t know you worked with them in the 80s, so beautiful. I’m sure I admired your work then, before finding you on the 2000’s.
    Looking forward to enrolling in this sweet and generous offering.
    Congratulations on your in-person class this weekend, have a blast. Really do wish I could be there.

    • Holle, you should see my smile – that is the best, the worthiest, kind of synchronicity. Thank you so much for this. I would love to stay in touch – and maybe even work with you in person one of these days!

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