We interrupt the blog post we were working on for this message . . .

I just got an email from Lora Murphy, the genius behind Painting with Fire. She’s going to be featuring one of my workshops this Wednesday, which is a couple of months before it was scheduled.

Here’s the info:

This mini-workshop combines Spirit figure construction with encaustic surface design and a bunch of other fun stuff. Remember the toilet paper rolls that I’ve been saving? Here’s how to use them! Gauze, Paper, Plaster, + Wax is a 45-minute treasury of techniques and inspiration (if I do say so myself.)

It’s kind of a prelude to my other workshop, which comes up in 2023 on Painting with Fire, called The Shaman Spirit in Paper and Wax.

If you have been thinking of joining Painting with Fire, do it now and you can see the Gauze, Plaster, Paper + Wax workshop day after tomorrow. Plus, you’ll get the Shaman workshop and about a zillion other workshops by a zillion other fantastic teachers in encaustic and mixed media.(A zillion = 26)

Some of the other teachers are Roxanne Evans Stout, Crystal Marie Neubauer, and my Enso Circle partner, Michelle Belto. Subjects include things like eco-printing and large-scale pouring and found object inclusions and — well, it’s a very cool program. And you don’t need a ton of new material and equipment to participate. Heck, in my class this Wednesday you just need some wax and a toilet paper roll – and a few other things. Actually, here’s the short materials list.

I know I’ve talked about Painting with Fire before, but the email from Lora remind me to remind YOU that you can register any time. Class started April 27th but since these are prerecorded videos, you get instant access to the already released classes when you sign up. Classes are delivered each Wednesday approximately 12 noon EST as prerecorded video and once they are available you can watch whenever you wish. You get lifetime access to all classes.

Here’s that signup link!

OK, now back to my other blog post in progress – it’s about provenance and the soul of objects. I’m enjoying writing about that and will post it soon.


8 thoughts on “We interrupt the blog post we were working on for this message . . .

  1. I can’t wait to see your blog!!! I am very happy with the lessons in Painting With Fire. I always look forward to Wednesdays lesson. As always, Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Ann Marlar

  2. Lynn … I don’t have the facilities for encaustic, but work in cold wax … would that work for your class?

  3. Yay! So happy to hear this. Signed up for this series only because you are one of the participating artists. Unfortunately so far it has been a bit over my head. Since I do believe I have taken every class you have offered and have always learned something new I can hardly wait until tomorrow., Thanks for the heads up! Do I really have to wait until 2023 for the next? Between you and I the wait between classes by an artist has so far been my biggest disappointment in this series.

  4. Let me check my date, Verni – and I know a lot of the classes are technical, but there are more mixed media ones coming up that might give you some inspiration. Hang in there! ♥

  5. Just finished watching your class. As usual – well worth waiting for. Very enthusiastic about this project. The written words accompanying your spoken ones are hysterical! So many questions tho. I know they will be answered in your second class but waiting for it to appear is so totally frustrating! Perhaps there is a way we could ask questions online? My most important one is – What and how do we attach a hanging device to the back of the figure?

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