Where has this week gone? . . .and Friday Freebie

Did this week disappear as fast for you as it did for me? Yikes – so little time, so much to do. As promised, a SHARDS subscriber (new or old or ancient) will receive a Scent Shard of his/her/its very own if his/her/its name is drawn on Sunday night by the Magic Randomizer. Here’s the lovely Shard, a classic face with spirals.shard2

Looking ahead, I’ve just posted a new Celtic Spirit Doll workshops for February – I’ve been doing a little research on the subject, and this should be fun – you, too, can Create a Spirit Doll whose roots lie in Tír na nÓg , the Celtic place of eternal youth and beauty. It should be fun – spirit doll workshops are really such a favorite of mine and everyone else’s.

And if you’re a writer (aren’t we all in one way or another), please consider Nancy West’s Creative Writing Seminar and Workshop at the Studio on two Wednesday evenings, January 15th & 22, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. For just $40, this two-part workshop is the literary bargain of the new year – Nancy is funny and creative and a delight to work with. Plus there will be good snacks – yeah! I might even make some of my pal PJ’s Saltine Toffee. It’s sinfully addictive. Happy weekend, All!

7 thoughts on “Where has this week gone? . . .and Friday Freebie

  1. Oh, Jean – I wish I were closer! You’ve given me an idea, though – this really would make a good online workshop. Thank you so much for the encouragement – hugs!

  2. I love love LOVE your face shards! Had many comments on them! I’m hoping to take a class next summer when driving isn’t a problem. (right now we’ve got ice/sleet and snow coming in Missouri. Take the show on the road! I’m sure you’d have plenty of folks interested!!

    • Now *there’s* an idea! The traveling Shard Show 🙂 And I could stop at cemeteries along the way and make new molds (and probably get in trouble explaining what the heck I’m doing) thanks, Ro for the super nice post.

  3. Oh please…do as many online classes as you can…so many times I have wished I could take all the classes you give. There is something so open and giving about how you share your talent with others. You are a special talented artist.

    • Vonnie, you are wonderful – thanks so much. I’m really glad that Zinnia decided to leave the Making Faces Group open – that was *your* idea!

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