Studio notes – including a remarkable student

shard2Studio note 1: Congrats to Yvonne Baca, lucky subscriber #54, who won the Friday Freebie Scent Shard

Studio note #2: The video from Sunday’s Explorations in Air-Dry Clay is up on YouTube – we had a great time!

Studio note #3: Most of you know that I teach at Trinity University in the Computer Science Department (part time now since I opened the Studio) . My class focuses on basic concepts such as networking and Internet ethics as well as graphic applications and web design. All of my students this semester have been smart and funny and ready to learn, particularly Will Lin from China. Here’s a link to the introduction he wrote at the first of the semester (it’s wonderful), and here’s his final project, a built-from-scratch website – I have his permission to share it with you (click on the graphic) – thanks, Will:


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