A Thanksgiving lagniappe

You probably know that a “lagniappe” is a small gift given in appreciation – and I am so appreciative of all my friends who have come along with me on my sometimes meandering art trail. Here’s a small Thanksgiving “thanks.” Click on the image below and get the link to a free collage sheet called Venice that you can print out, cut up, transfer,use as wrapping paper for small presents – whatever you  like! This is one of a series of five that I have sold on my first Etsy site.

And if you are a blog subscriber, email me to get links to four more – if you’d like to subscribe to my Shards blog and get the other sheets, just go to the blog homepage and click on the right subscription window. I love keeping in touch with friends

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

That the birds of worry and care
fly about your head
This you cannot change
But that they build nests in your hair
This you can prevent.
             — Chinese Proverb

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