Descanso: art and healing

I am sharing this story with you without additional commentary other than the plea that we all hold in our hearts the healing power of art and our profound gratitude to those who make it.


A cross placed at the site of a violent, unexpected death, in memoriam.

A state of quiet and re-creation

A pause, a rest, a haven

The Email Conversation, June 22, 2022

Lyn, I wanted to share the piece I created using the “Paloma” face I purchased from you some time ago. I created the Santa Madre Guadalupe altar “descanso” to remember all children who have died-victims of violence. It is dedicated to the little angels killed at the Uvalde school shooting. The “milagros” represent the kids. The hearts represent the broken hearts of their moms/dads. ~ Enid

Enid, this is beautiful and bittersweet. I would love to share it on my blog with your permission. Uvlade is so close to San Antonio and all of here are still mourning, as is the rest of the nation. Would you tell me a little bit about yourself as background? Would it be OK to share this with others as a healing gesture? Art heals in so many ways. I am very grateful to you for sharing this, and the little milagros speak louder than words could. ~ Lyn

The Response and the Story, June 23, 2022

I am 72, and an adult survivor of childhood abuse, neglect, maltreatment, and violence, I have been involved with, engaged in some form of PTSD recovery therapy for more years than I can count. While providing some small relief benefits, traditional talk therapy failed to help me move forward, to move pass the trauma. Taking my well-being and mental health into my own hands, I started to create art as an outlet to gain insight into my childhood experiences and to speak my truth.

It’s been 2 years now since I started creating my “healing art”, and I am just starting, just learning how to use healing art to express emotions too difficult to say or share while building inner strengths and developing inner emotional resilience.

My creation, La Santa Madre, expresses my deepest emotions in a way that words could never express and reflects my culture, religious upbringing, world views and values. Lyn’s clay art woman faces have been part of my artistic creations and personal journeys to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being for some years now. I start out every journey by holding and talking to the faces, asking,” Who, what do you want to be?” I listen and wait sometimes for years to hear the faint voice.

On May 24, 2022, I heard Paloma-Lyn’s creation, say to me, “I am the mother of the angelitos of Uvalde and of all children-victims of violence.” That day, I started creating La Santa Madre Guadalupe Descanso . The children milagro charms represent the many children who have lost their lives to violence. The corazones represent their parents’ hearts, broken and too often buried with their children.

One milagrito is my son Billy who died in 1992 as a result of a driver’s poor judgement. One milagrito represents me and the childhood I lost.

Enid Sepúlveda Rodríguez
New Mexico

Thank you, Enid. You have touched many hearts today.


17 thoughts on “Descanso: art and healing

  1. What a beautiful healing path and soul deep tribute to all those precious Angelitos, their teachers and all the survivors whose hearts have been ripped to shred again and again. Many thanks to you, Lyn, and to Enid for the sharing.

    God speed and all prayers!

  2. Oh my Goddess, sistah! Thank you so much for sharing this art and artist! Yes, art is healing (40 minutes of creating art reduces the cortizol in the body!) in so many ways. Enid, thank you for using your wounds to create art and sharing deeply with us. Art doesn’t imitate life, Art INSPIRES Life! Be well.

  3. Deeply heartfelt and touching. Thanks for being brave enough to give Lyn permission to share your work.

    Peace, Brita

  4. Just wanted to express my gratitude for sharing your sacred story and precious doll. It helps to relieve the pain, every time I look at your creations. Being acknowledged for the losses we share, although they are always with us, means the world to us.
    Mil gracias ~ Siri

  5. WOW! Touching. Healing n Profound.
    Blessing to her n all the babies lost in Uvalde n leaving their families to grieve. We grieve in our own way for them. Blessing n prayers to all the little angels n families.

  6. What a beautiful tribute and profound expression of pain, heartache and healing. One supporting the other. This is beyond healing and encompasses a rebirth of life in troubling times. Thank you for the collaboration of artistic influence of remembrance and moving forward to heal.

  7. This is such a beautiful work of healing art, your story touched my heart today and I felt it to my very soul. Enid may you find healing each day in your creations and know we hear your story.

    Lyn I have used your faces in several art pieces and like Enid before I use one I speak to the face or she will speak to me and my creations take form. Thank you for sharing Enid’s story and her beautiful Art.

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