Friday Freebie: a new series – milagritos, the “little miracles”

I was working in clay last night and suddenly “saw” an earthenware face with holes at the top for a wire hanger and holes at the bottom for tying sari-silk ribbon and milagro charms. I could see it hanging on my porch beside the front door to welcome guests with a wish for an everyday miracle to come their way. Here’s a prototype (put together this afternoon) from a face I’d made from an earlier firing.

There are a dozen more like this in the kiln right now that will be wired and be-ribboned for the Spring Fling art sale next Saturday. milagrito1_edited-1I call these mixed-media hangings “milagritos,” which means small miracles. And if you are a SHARDS subscriber before midnight on Sunday, you will win one if you name is randomly drawn.

If you do not happen to win this one, you can see more of them at the Spring Fling show and sale this coming Saturday, May 3rd, at the Studio. Prices for these charming hangings will range from $12 to $20 – such a deal. Even better, you’ll get to see work done by my pals Alison Schockner, Lesta Frank and Jan Longfellow when you drop by the Studio on Saturday.

So save the date, encourage your friends to come (and to subscribe to this blog – just click the link on the top right) and maybe a milagrito will come your way! Here is the invitation to Saturday’s fun event. Hope to see you there, and happy spring!



8 thoughts on “Friday Freebie: a new series – milagritos, the “little miracles”

  1. Fun new piece! I really like it. Wish I could attend your Spring Fling! I’ll just call in sick at work and get on my imaginary private jet and fly on out.

  2. Every time you post about a performance event or a workshop or sale at your studio I want to drop everything and move myself to San Antonio so I can revel in all the creativity. You rock! (And so does the milagrito).

  3. Love these! I will try and come next Sat. Depends on some family
    issues whether I will come or not. Great presents to give. Thanks.

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  5. You do rock! I am wishing on a star I can make a trip to TX for one of these workshops…till then I’ve got to just figure it out by myself. am using a mold of one of your faces for a spirit doll today. I’m having so much fun “dressing” my doll. Thanks for the inspiration.

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