Hot Tip and a Friday Freebie on Saturday

I’ll make this quick – I’ve been working on my website and if I spend any more time at this dang computer, well . .it won’t be pretty. But the site looks better. You can actually find workshop info (and I scheduled another Earthshard session by request on August 25th). Anyway, here’s the Hot Tip from my friend Barb at Ann Pearce’s. If you use Altoid tins for stuff, like I do for Spirit Boxes, you can fire up the barbie and put them on the grill. It burns off the paint and leaves them nice and shiny, kind of a patina black. Works great! Thanks, Barb. Now . . . look carefully at that fine golden rooster pendant on the newly-blackened box – he’s the Friday Freebie! If you are a subscriber to this blog, SHARDS, you’ll be in the drawing for him. Sunday night’s the deadline.

Whoopee – off to the Studio – happiness is this computer in my rear view mirror!


8 thoughts on “Hot Tip and a Friday Freebie on Saturday

  1. So cool. I love to use tins for various things, but spend a lot of time covering up the original finish. Thank you.

  2. Speed reading is dangerous. When you said “fire up the barbie and put her on the grill. She’ll turn black in no time” or something like that, I was imagining a Barbie doll…thinking you were using her for a clay mold or something.

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