Joanna and Aldermarsh in the spring

aldermarshFYI – I just sent this note out to my Studio mailing list, and thought I’d post it here too in case anyone outside of San Antonio or Texas who subscribes to SHARDS wants to consider going to this retreat – here goes:

Hi, All,

Joanna Colbert Powell, who brought her wonderful tarot art and spiritual intuition to the Studio last month, is going to go live tomorrow with her promotion of her Gaian Soul Spring 2015 Retreat at Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island near Seattle. Most of you know that I will be teaching there that week (March 18-22) and she tells me that there are just four spaces left. The will probably fill up this week. So just in case you’ve ever considered a retreat like this, I’m sending the information out tonight. You can read the details here.




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