Trust the process . . .but visit Papa Jim’s

I’m showing some new work at La Vida Gallery, opening on December 5th, and, in my typical procrastinative way, I’m still figuring out exactly what to do. So far, I know that some of the new work will be earthenware assemblage. Here are a few of the pieces in no particular order that are in my “Trust the process, you’ll get an idea” pile.

So for extra inspiration, I took a visit to that old San Antonio icon of eclectic voodoo and spirituality, Papa Jim’s Botanica. Here, you can find anything you might need for protection, luck, attracting a mate, getting art ideas, or paying a jail bond.

I did pass up the opportunity to buy the Special Mojo Bag ( IT WILL CONTAIN HERBS, STONES, TALISMAN, POWDERS, MEDALS, AND ANIMAL PARTS SUCH AS RATTLESNAKE FANG), but I came away with some nice incense and a fresh supply of ideas. Look! Something is starting to emerge from the “Trust the process” pile . . . . ooooooh . . . .stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Trust the process . . .but visit Papa Jim’s

  1. Oh Lyn, I love the way you think & create!!!! How I miss those special storefronts on Canal St in Houston. This inspires me to put some spice back into my life… not to mention getting out the clay!

  2. Oh, Gloria, thank you – it’s just amazing how we get inspiration from each other and from the most unexpected sources – I think places like Papa Jim’s and the Canal Street shops touch our collective unconscious and send us secret handshakes:)

    • Secret handshakes! What a fabulous way to express that kind of connection. Did quite a double take this morning when I opened your blog & saw the clay piece. Just a few days ago I had a very vivid dream about an antique baby doll with wire joints. Suspect it has to do with old family stuff like broken dolls & lost dreams. Maybe it’s the other way around. Guess I need to sit still & wait with brush & clay at hand.

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