Lesta and Lyn, spooky spots, and Friday Freebie winner

Lesta Frank and I did a repeat of our Surface Design on Paper half-day workshop this past Sunday at the Studio. It’s totally amazing to watch eight creative people take the same concept and make an astonishing assortment of gorgeous one-of-a-kind artisan papers. We used the enhanced paper to cover small Lotus Books, each one a work of art in themselves. Wanna see?

 On Saturday, the day before our workshop, I did some video footage in the Olmos Dam Basin for an upcoming Artful Gathering online class – I can’t tell you much about the class yet, but it involves Spirits! That’s big hint.

DSC00267You can read an interesting article about Olmos Basin, and about author Whitley Streiber, here in the archives of Texas Monthly – kinda spooky. The author said he made contact with strange beings here. But my online class will not be scary, honest (although it may deal with strange beings). Stay tuned for details, and visit Artful Gathering for info about Early Bird Registration for all of their cool classes.

Kantha Cloth Bag with Florentine Shard Face

Kantha Cloth Bag with Florentine Shard Face

Last, but definitely not least, congrats to lucky subscriber #86, Joanne Desmond, who won the Friday Freebie in the random number drawing – Joanne, contact me and I’ll get your freebie to you ASAP.

Have a good day, everyone – and watch out for strange beings.




5 thoughts on “Lesta and Lyn, spooky spots, and Friday Freebie winner

  1. The Olmos basin spirits workshop sounds interesting. Whitley Strieber was at Central when Clarence was in high school there. It’s funny how people we knew (or barely knew) when we were kids become very famous in later years.

  2. How about that. I have lived in Olmos Park since 1962, and still walk along Contour Drive, and never knew about that alien incident. Contour Drive is where the murder of a mother pushing her child in a stroller happened a number of years ago. It was never solved. The Basin is where little boys go to test out their new BB guns – at least my son did. That is probably the most dangerous thing about it. However, vagrants have been known to camp in there. I would not walk in those woods by myself without an attack dog.

  3. Lyn, the San Antonio tourist bureau should keep you on retainer! Aliens in Olmos Basin?!? Never knew it! (Interesting TM article) Mostly I remember the beauty of the Hanging Gardens and Chiro Day parades, altho I’ve heard there’s a castle full of magic lanterns there… somewhere. Can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up for Artful Gathering 2015.

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