New camera!

I’d been thinking about researching and buying a new camera for the last year or so – and today – wham! I walked into a Boston Radio Shack on Boylston Street with my friend Danny and saw this Nikon CoolPix L820 on sale for less than $250 – OK, so not totally cheap, but not $1000 either (and I did make a little money at the Beacon Hill Art Walk):

nikon copy

So far, this is an amazing camera. I set it up, zipped across the street to the Boston Public Garden, and gave the 30X Zoom a try. Check out these pics from waaaayyy far away:

And last but not least, a sleeping kitty’s ear two rooms away when I got back to the apartment (yeah, yeah, the rest of him was asleep too):

As usual, I don’t have any stock in Nikon (it would be nice), but I’m impressed with this camera. Danny bought one too, so we will be comparing notes. Sometimes people in my Digital Photo classes ask what kind of camera they should buy,  and I would not hesitate to recommend this little Nikon. So far, it’s a winner.




One thought on “New camera!

  1. I think you had upgraded by buying a new camera about a year ago. Now that you have upgraded again, would you be willing to sell your “old” camera to me? I am lax about posting good photos. This might be what I need.

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