Painting with Ellen Rolli in Boston

Gloria Hill and I just got back from Boston last night. It was a journey that involved a lot more than miles – it was a painting adventure and self-exploration of artistic motives and direction. Thanks to the incredible Ellen Rolli for being our guide and mentor. Here’s a video of some of the work we did during the two-day workshop.

When we weren’t in the studio, Gloria and I were lucky enough to experience a few spectacular spring days in Boston. The Public Garden was ablaze with tulips, and all the trees were in bloom. ACHOO!


It was a fantastic trip. We even got to see the newly installed arial sculpture by Janet Echelman in downtown Boston – you’d think it would be easy to find a one-ton floating construction, but it took us a while to track it down. Well worth the effort, though!

So glad to be home, re-inspired and ready to go to work in my own Studio!

5 thoughts on “Painting with Ellen Rolli in Boston

  1. You are an incredible woman and I cannot express in words (as you know how I feel about writing) what your friendship, mentoring, encouragement, pushing and pulling to help me let go and move toward becoming the painter I hope to be. The Boston experience with Ellen has had an impact on me that will forever change my thinking and approach to my work.

    • Lyn and Gloria it was my pleasure and delight to work with both of you. Your commitment, energy and passion were contagious! Stay inspired and trust the process!

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