Musings about mud and more

I’m packing for Boston, eager to see Ellen Rolli again and to paint with her. I’ll send an update during the five days I’m there, but meanwhile, your homework is to watch this nine-minute film about Paulus Berenson, craftsman, pottery maker, environmentalist. This is what poet Mary Oliver says about him:

“Paulus Berensohn, whether he’s speaking, slowly and thoughtfully as he does, or just smiling, is a gift. With his presence, life takes on a new radiance and energy. He teaches. He shines.”

     —-Mary Oliver

Paulus and Clay
from TOTM Film on Vimeo.

After you’ve seen the film, treat yourself to some inspirational “dessert” by looking through India Flint’s blog. I think you’ll see a visual and philosophical connection. Art is life. Life is good. 🙂

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