Small Comforts

Don’t know abut you, but I have felt pretty disheartened and non-productive during the last two weeks. I look at all of those articles and posts about what to do when you’re at home, and yet, somehow, my energy has shifted to hibernate mode (“Wahhhh . .just leave me alone!”). But knowing in my heart that it’s important to keep busy and creative, I started cleaning out my studio shelves. That’s always a recipe for inspiration.

I found lots of duplicates of things I thought I’d lost, and then bought more of – right? Every happen to you? Case in point – a bunch of bar magnets. I must have three dozen of these guys!

Why? Back in 2014, I taught an online class with Artful Gathering that featured little clip-on art-to-wear pieces that also function as displayed artwork. These pieces were one-of-a kind mixed media collages designed with a super-heavy-duty bar magnet on the back so they can also be displayed in a frame. I called them “Magnetic Adornments”.

Here are some examples from an old class worksheet:

Those re-discovered magnets were the kick-start for me, and I decided to play with that project again. I needed something small to work with, something that I could use as art therapy, something that was fun and had no real rules.

The base of the little collage is archival matboard. You choose a focal piece and just start building a miniature assemblage. I used my clay faces, but you could use an old piece of jewelry, a shell – whatever!

Once the magnet is glued on the back, you can wear the assemblage on a scarf or a hatband. You can also clip them into a frame by putting the back piece of the magnet on the back of the frame. Here’s one that I just finished:

A few more of the “Magnet Adornments” I’ve put together the past couple of days:

Here’s that last piece taken out of its fame and clipped onto a scarf:

Small magnetic assemblage clipped on a linen scarf

OK, that’s it for today. I may go hibernate for a bit – I hope you’re well, staying inside and still staying in touch with friends in whatever way is best for you. I’ve been Zooming a lot with my family. Who even knew what that meant last year??

Please find some small comforts to work on today in your own creative space. It really is good for you. Better than Cheetos. Maybe.





35 thoughts on “Small Comforts

  1. Yes, BETTER than Cheetos although I DO use the color of Cheetos, often.
    Easing in or diving in, its awesome to have a Safe Place Of creating to go to.
    Create OnLaura

  2. I LOVE the piece you did framed in blue!
    I thought it was just me who cannot seem to find my Artistic Muse and finish my art piece. I think She is attempting to hybernate until we can all come out of our caves. Nope…I am gonna rouse Her today. We have work to do!
    A side note: Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a striking similarity between the shape of the Sun and the COVID-19 virus?
    Stay well….

    • Interesting about the sun shape and the virus – I hate to admit it, but it looks like some kind of candy to me – as artists, we are so visually interpretive. It takes the “scare” out of it a bit.

  3. Great inspiring nudge! Other family members and I have also had that lack luster feeling the last couple of weeks almost as though while attempting to flatten the virus curve IT has flatten our lives in so many ways. Thanks so much for the boost!

    I really enjoyed that Artful Gathering course & probably still have some magnets lurking around. What’s happening re Artful Gathering 2020?

    • I really don’t know about AG 2020, Gloria – didn’t hear from Zinnia and the site is only open for shopping. It was such a fun program and I met so many kindred spirits.

  4. Thank you! Now I know I’m not the only one feeling unproductive after thinking I would get so much done! Maybe a time for reflection.

    • Right after I posted that entry, I went back to working on an assemblage and burned the heck out of my hand with hot glue. Maybe it’s not time for me to get back into it yet!! LOL

  5. Lyn, Wonderful creations! I have been staying busy working in my garden. I have lots of mail order perennials arriving to plant. I have noticed that I stay up late & get up late, cocooning in my bed. Be safe & well!

  6. OMG! Some days ago I found some mini collages that I did years ago. Thinking that I will turn them into jewelry.
    I had forgotten about the magnets. THANK YOU! Let’s see if I can find some online.
    It’s interesting time now. Definitely challenges thoughts, habits and motivations.
    Not comfortable. I’m trying to treat it as an opportunity to grow inside. It’s quite a ride:):):)
    Thank you for those great inspirations.

  7. Lyn, how refreshing to receive something positive and encouraging! I’d like to mix a little sunshine with your words to really get me going!

  8. What fun to read this and take a trip down memory lane. I still have my small piece/pin/art piece I made in one of your workshops! It’s on one of my home altars! Maybe I’ll work on another one…I have some of your shards
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Thank you Lynn. Your words rang true with me and I love your magnet art. I may give it a try also. But most important is that between bouts of hibernatingwe have bouts of creativity. Some days I feel like a wave…coming and going.
    Stay healthy

    • It’s always the balance, isn’t it? When we are emotionally exhausted, we need to rest. Some of my best ideas come from serendipity when I’m just sitting and thinking – or not even thinking!

  10. Thank you, Lyn! I, too, have been in hibernation mode. I moved some of my art supplies from my studio to my dining room table since I’m all by myself in this big house (my elderly parents with whom I live got stuck at a relative’s house in another state by the pandemic), but I’ve been sitting on my tush surfing the net instead of creating. I have some of your lovely faces so I will review your instructions for adding color and get to making these. Amazon has become my best friend so I placed an order for the name badge magnets and they arrive by the 11th!

    • Yay for you, Cindy! You know what – you could make some name badges for friends while you’re working there by yourself. I just thought of that! Collage name badges – dang, that’s a good idea 🙂

  11. I was just watching some of your older videos at work while I was waiting for patients to connect for videchats. Ordered the magnets and I am ready to get my needed therapy. Stay well emotionally and physically R Ilgen

  12. Oh thank you for sharing…I thought I was the only one in “leave me alone” mode…can’t take in anymore input and feeling guilty for being so unproductive…think I’ll go organize my art supplies and see what happens…

    • Me too!! Lose the guilt – we’re all battered in spirit and worried about everybody else. Organizing is a way to get some feelings of order and good control over what we can change – ♥

  13. OMG, I took this online class from you years ago from Artful Gathering ! I have 2 of these pins from your class and several magnet bars left. Might have to dig in my stash again !

  14. Hi Lyn, I love your magnetic adornments and enjoy your blog. Would the adornments be for sale, if so where?

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