Another gift of artistic diversion for you – Collage on Canvas

There’s a helplessness in knowing this situation going to get worse before it gets better. My thoughts are with all of you as we circle the wagons and wait.

Just for inspiration, I’m giving you another little downloadable book about one of my most popular workshops called Creating a Dimensional Collage on Canvas.  It’s an illustrated step-by-step guide to composing a personal art collage that includes three-dimensional objects as well as images and textures.

It’s available for purchase as a Kindle book, but I’m giving you the PDF version which you can easily download and explore for free. You’ll find the access link a bit further down.

Here’s a full version of the collage example on the cover, along with another example using the one of the same faces with a different approach and emphasis.

You can see that there are all kinds of little items connected to the canvas that add symbolic and textural complexity to the compositions.

I hope you try it – it’s really fun, especially if you have some meaningful photos that you can print out.

CLICK BELOW ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE BOOK (the file is compressed so it won’t be too big for you to get it to your computer)

Collage on Canvas – Lyn Belisle_compressed

NOTE: This project was especially designed for the wonderful women of the Gaian Soul Retreat at Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island led by my beloved friend Joanna Colbert Powell in 2015. “Creating a Dimensional Collage on Canvas” unites the visual, the spiritual, and the joyful aspects of the creative process. You may substitute your own “ingredients” from the Materials List on page three in the book.

Even if you don’t decide to do the project itself, it may give you some ideas for digging through family photos in this unexpectedly quiet time. You can also take inventory of your own collage materials. Inevitably, this always leads me to new ideas and happy distractions.

If you want to see the project in action, this video shows one of my first Collage on Canvas workshops, which was held in 2012 at my kitchen table even before I had my big studio on Nacogdoches Road.

I think you’ll especially like the personal photographs that the participants used with many different materials and techniques.


Know that I miss seeing you all, but one of the lessons we are learning through all of this is that it is a luxury to be with friends in person at a gathering of like minds – I hope I never take it for granted again! Stay safe in your creative confinement 🙂


18 thoughts on “Another gift of artistic diversion for you – Collage on Canvas

  1. Thank you for the pdf, I miss you and all my friends. I usually treasure my time alone but I find I am getting tired of my own company..I have been working in my studio (a saving grace) but retreating into “naps”. Love you,take care.

    • I miss you, too! It will be interesting to see what we come up with in our studios during this time of enforced solitude. Funny how it feels different from “chosen” solitude.

  2. Lyn, you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much! I will have a fantastic time making collages following your course.

  3. It may be because a large percentage of my online friends are artists, but I have seen such an outpouring of support and gifts from this community that my mind is blown! We are a generous lot and that says much about our spirit, don’t you think?

    Thank you, Lyn for the gift of this book.

    • Isn’t it wonderful? I think we know that as artists, creating new expressions of hope keeps us sane in uncertain times – and this is a doozy of an uncertain time.

      Grateful to be part of this artistic community –

  4. Thank you, Lyn! Stay well. Know as usual you are brimming with marvelous ideas! This time alone is certainly interesting!

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