Summertime at the Studio – Dyeing to Share

DSCN2548I told Rosemary Uchniat on Saturday that putting together a video from her dyeing workshops was always no-fail because the pictures were consistently  bright, artistic  and colorful! Just look at that drying rack – wow!

Despite the fact that Rosemary had laryngitis, she persevered and taught a spectacular class to rave reviews! What a trouper that woman is.

Small Space Dyeing with Rosemary – the Video:

And on Sunday, the Show and Tell sharing session was just as colorful in every conceivable way with many different media. Some folks presented their work, some just soaked in all of the vibes, and some said they came specifically to steal ideas! Maybe I should change the name to Show and Steal.

Take a look at some of the very creative things that the Show-ers and Tell-ers brought in, and feel free to steal like an artist!.

Show and Tell always sparks discussion – there were some especially good ones yesterday, everything from art activism to construction technique to poetry as creative inspiration. It’s such a pleasure and privilege to host these once-a-month gatherings at Lyn Belisle Studio.

July is going to be a quiet month – I’ve kept the Studio Calendar free from workshops and lessons (even Show and Tell) so I can explore my own work while developing new ideas. If you have workshop inspirations, send ’em along!

I’ll blog from time to time, of course, especially when I find great stuff to steal, show, and share! Stay cool, y’all!

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