Walnut Ink – in the beginning (and a FF)

wiIt’s a rainy morning here in San Antonio, so I was at the computer, clearing out some old duplicate video files when I  discovered this clip from 2011. It’s me, talking about a new discovery – Walnut Ink! Y’all know that I live and breathe that stuff – just ask anybody who has taken a workshop on any subject at the Studio.

This little video was made waa-aay before I had the big Studio, back when I was making Kindle covers for my old Etsy shop in the little garage studio. Here, I’m using Walnut Ink on unglazed clay to make a Scent Shard.  You may remember that I made a lot of these several years ago. The idea is to put drops of essential oils on an evocative earthenware face and let the scent and good vibes disperse over a period of time. Pretty cool, right?

Here’s the video clip, and for today’s Friday Freebie, the SHARDS subscriber whose name is drawn on Sunday night will get – what else?? a bottle of Tsukineko Walnut Ink! (Incidentally, Wikipedia says the stuff was used to stain the hands of criminals back in old Rome because it wouldn’t wash off . . .)


13 thoughts on “Walnut Ink – in the beginning (and a FF)

  1. I must get some walnut ink. I love brown ink. I wonder if you can make pecan ink, and if the would be similar to walnut. When pecans fall into my swimming pool they make a spot that eventually wears off.

  2. Good Morning, Creative Lady, Love the idea of your scent shard faces! Gives me a wonderful idea to combine it with my “prayer pockets”. The prayer pockets are small – no more than 6″ x 8″ – textile wall hangings with a pocket on the front to put a slip of paper or card with a prayer, a wish, or a blessing. Originally, I sewed some potpourri into the lining with the batting. Eventually the scent faded and I would have to unpick the closure and freshen the potpourri. Now, if a scent shard is used, I can just renew with some essential oil on the shard. You rock! Keep on sharing the muse.

  3. Great idea! You can also cut a piece of watercolor paper that will fit inside the pocket and write the name and quality of the essential oil on it – drop some oil on the paper. It will diffuse like blotting paper, and there would still be room for wishes and prayers. Cool, Pat 🙂

  4. Pretty cool, I have noticed a lot of artist love walnut ink, I have just never gotten any, seems when I do shop there is a thousand products I want, but I think it’s time I pick up some walnut ink, tx for sharing, aloha, angi in hana

  5. Hi Lyn, lovely little video, thanks for sharing it. I love walnut ink and really liked the effect on the unglazed clay. Is this clay fired to bisque? I guess that as it absorbs the walnut ink and essential oils, it is. I used to make tiny little pots in which I infused essential oils, they were very popular. I was looking forward to seeing the finished shards at the end of the video, but it stopped short. Please don’t include me in the Friday Freebie as I already have lots of walnut ink. Have a beautiful day.

  6. Lyn, could you please tell me what the Aromatherapy site is that you mentioned in the video. I did a search for the name I thought you said but couldn’t find anything.

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