Workshop Formats, lifelines, and learning

Yesterday I did my first official “live” Zoom workshop for a creative group sponsored by the Boerne Public Library.

It was a whole ‘nother way of teaching. I could interact with the participants in a limited way, and everything was happening in “real time,” but it wasn’t like sitting around a worktable together.

Here’s a little video of what the workshop interface looked like – many thanks to library gurus Caren Creech and Robin Stauber for setting up the Zoom class.

There will be three more Zoom Workshops in this series, all on Thursdays at 2:00 during December, and anyone can join. For information, email Caren Creech at the Library.

Here’s another segment (about ten minutes)  from that live Zoom workshop on Lotus Books at the Library if you want to take a look.

As a long-time teacher, I am intensely curious about how people want to distance-learn. There is a link on my website that asks what method of teaching that viewers prefer if in-person real-time instruction isn’t possible, which is an unfortunate reality these days. Here are the choices I suggest in the website survey:

About 200 people have responded so far, and there is no strong preference, but the two most popular online formats so far are “Online Classes with Several Videos” and “Zoom Discussion Groups.”
So I’m going to add “Live Zoom Workshops” to the list of choices after yesterday’s really fun experience. If you have a suggestion for a workshop that could be done with this live Zoom format in 90 minutes or less, send it along!
Meanwhile, the self-paced workshops at Teachable are really going well – more than 500 people are participating in both the the free and fee-paid workshops. Here’s that link.
And if you want to jump right into the free Lotus Book class, click here.
You may wonder why I’ve been talking so much lately about online teaching. For one thing, it’s MY creative lifeline to fellow artists and learners.
For another thing, comments sent to me like the ones below help me realize that we are all in this together, and the more we can connect as a community, the happier and healthier we can be.

Hi, Lyn,
I have so enjoyed your free tutorials online! I attended an encaustic workshop with you a couple years ago and can’t wait to take another one when COVID is no longer an issue. I brought the “Spread the word” one to our church youth group. I believe that focusing on a word of healing or hope is so important.

Hi Lyn,
I have been going back and forth between your eBook offerings with accompanying videos and the Teachable platform method of delivering your content. I must say that I truly like the ease of going from one video to the next with the Teachable method of delivery. It is far superior to having to log into to each Vimeo video separately. I absolutely like this method of presentation much better. It’s so much easier to follow, stay in the flow of your workshop and repeat segments easily for more clarification. Two thumbs up for finding a great way to creating online workshops. Kudos to you for being such a great teacher…I don’t think I could get to Texas🧡🧡 so this is the next best thing🧡🧡

Thanks, Everyone, for reading SHARDS today – like a lot of us, I have had a difficult time getting motivated to write, and even to focus on the next step at the studio, but knowing that you are out there, too, makes it nicer.

If a tree falls in a forest, and there are a bunch of us around to hear it (even if we can’t see each other), we can all say, “Whoa, what the heck was that??” Now THAT’s profound.

7 thoughts on “Workshop Formats, lifelines, and learning

  1. Whoa Your sparkling sense of humor made me totally laugh Thanks for continuing on with sharing your creativity…it’s so easy to feel stuck in this isolation. What a huge shift from your workshop teaching practices and being the president of SAALM. Your efforts are truly appreciated and I know your following will continue to grow❣️ If we every get back to a face to face workshop environment I know the people that love what you create will have grown exponentially❣️ Love your Shards newsletter❤️❤️ As Austin Kleon says “Keep Going”
    Happy Thanksgiving Happy to have you as a friend❣️ Bosha

    • Bosha, I need you as my official cheerer-upper! You are always so positive and so giving. Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well, and please know how much I appreciate your gifts of every variety!! ♥♥

      • You ALWAYS make me smile
        So glad we connected❣️
        You always cheer me up as well❣️ If you have any faces left after the SAALM pop up…let me know! I would love to buy one if you wouldn’t mind sending it. I will pay shipping (imagining there could possibly be any of your wonderful faces not being sold)
        Enjoy the holidays…good thoughts sent your way❣️

  2. Hi Lyn
    I am an art quilter but could not resist your free workshops. I have not worked with paper before and this is so much fun! I now have the votive light folded pieces made for Thanksgiving and am starting work on some for Christmas Cards to mail to my close friends. What fun! Your teachable system is so easy to use. I like that you can check back to refresh what you had learned earlier. It is a great system.
    Thanks again for giving me a new outlet for creativity!

    • Judy, this is music to my ears — so glad you are finding something useful and fun in the workshops. Your friends are going to love your creations!!
      I do admire art quilters – some of my best friends in the San Antonio Fiber Artists do such amazing things. I know you do, too – send me a photo of your favorite Art Quilt to share with them!

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