Workshop time: WAX & WORDS

A quick note . . Just wanted to let SHARDS readers know that I’m offering a workshop on Sunday, June 24th at the newly refurbished Semmes Studio on the grounds of the San Antonio Art League & Museum. I’m so excited to be teaching again, especially since this will be the first workshop since the new studio has been upgraded with a skylight and bathroom!

You can read about the workshop, WAX & WORDS, by clicking on the image, below. It’s a great way for beginners to learn about mark-making and encaustic techniques.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many creative workshops there. Here’s another link for details.

A portion of the tuition will go to the Art League – it’s a 501(c)(3) – and by the way, it’s membership time if you’d like to join. Art League members always get discounts in my workshops! Join here.

PS – and yes, the Semmes Studio is air-conditioned!

5 thoughts on “Workshop time: WAX & WORDS

  1. This is wonderful news! I’ll be there with sand between my toes (we return from the Outer Banks the day before … what a great homecoming this will be)

  2. Lyn,
    I’m excited about the workshop, and I love your blogs. As I was packing my office last week, I ran across some materials from the short period of time I was working with SAALM.

  3. Please consider adding another session, maybe Monday? Class is already full! Thank you. I’m probably not the only one who tried to register but couldn’t. Please

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