Circles of connection

Saturday’s Show & Tell was the best kind of connected circle – it seemed as if everyone had a story or an idea that made the collective group smile and even applaud. When you begin with Vicki Siptak’s beautiful necklaces made from socks (1) and end with thoughts from a poet about imagery, words, and art, what’s not to love? Join us for the next one if you can on Saturday, August 29th (2-4 pm), and connect with this creative circle at my Studio. Here’s a video from Saturday.

kimAnother connected circle is getting really huge, as in International – that’s the Spirit Doll connection. It started for me with Joanna Powell Colbert in 2012 and her order for faces from my Etsy site. She and I both started teaching Spirit Doll classes, and the word spread. I’ve sent shard faces to many countries and  just got these photos from Jo Rockendorfer, who recently taught a Spirit Doll class in Sydney, Australia – here’s here description: “The red doll is Hummingbird Medicine, the green/blue was for a friend after she did a healing ritual and the last and most recent is Sophia Goddess of Wisdom”

I love the fact that Texas clay enhances Jo’s beautiful work from Australia – and if you’re reading this, you’re connected, too, in our circle – lucky me! Circles unify, art connects –  life is good. Have a great week.


10 thoughts on “Circles of connection

  1. A circle keeper indeed! Lyn, I cannot resist sharing some “connections” here.

    I first learned about you from Michelle Belto when I was one of her students in California this past January. Subsequently, I took the Wax and Tissue workshop through Roses, and now I am enjoying your Artful Gathering classes, Small Worlds and (heart) Mask, Robe and Rune. During this time, I’ve also discovered and enjoyed many of your You Tube videos as well as your blog.

    The frosting on the proverbial cake came when I was recently doing a search in my email folders for something else entirely and came across an email a friend had sent me two years ago about Joanna Powell Colbert’s spirit dolls and I about flipped when I saw one of your faces in the image. And then, of course, I later saw a You Tube video about her class with you.

    I’m beginning to feel like a stalker! But I swear these things are just finding me. (smile)

    Love love love the videos in your studio — you are definitely a soul sister in terms of materials (but unfortunately for me not so much yet in terms of studio beauty!).

    Thanks SO much for sharing the magic!

    • This is amazing!! See what I mean about circles? They just reach out and pull you in. Michelle and Joanna are wonderful – so lucky to have them both as friends. Ann, I’m loving having you in class at AG. The only thing better than that would be able to work with you in person one of these days – thanks so very much for the encouraging words. Oh, yeah, and I’ve never had a stalker – would you mind? LOL. I loved your post – thanks, Ann.

      • PS – Ann, I just read your artist statement – love, love this part:
        “I believe everyone is an artist, from the most primal kind of creativity reflected in how we live our lives, to the most exquisite forms of fine art.”
        You are soooo right on –

  2. Lyn,
    So fulfilling to share circles of the mind, circles of the spirit, circles of emotion, but the most precious -circles of the heart. And the circle continues!

    • Oh, please share some photos, Lisa – there is something so universal about Spirit Dolls. And there are so many talented like-minded artists in Australia – it’s astonishing. Thanks for circling up with us 🙂

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