Friday Freebie: Rock Paper . . . . .

Were you gonna say “scissors”? Nope, this is about Rock Paper! I got this email from my uber-talented pal, Sherrill Kahn, right before I went Boston – “You have to try Terra Skin—paper made from stones.  I bought a lot of it. It is really amazing.  I think you would love it.” So I ordered some. It came while I was gone, and I played with it this morning. It’s very cool! The Terra Skin surface reminds me of Yupo, but it’s totally fiber-free and mineral based (no trees were killed). Here are some of my first test scribbles (I labelled them with Photoshop):


You might want to give this stuff a try – it says the surface is appropriate for mixed media, acrylics, graphite and inks, and oils – doesn’t say anything about wax, but hey – why not? And if you need ideas, check out the TerraSkin blog, titled (appropriately), GET STONED. Love it.

OK, so the Friday Freebie is a five-sheet package of TerraSkin paper – I’ll mail it to you if you’re out of town, or you can pick it up at the Studio if you’re nearby. There are two rules for winning the random drawing – ONE, you have to be a SHARDS subscriber by Sunday at midnight (just enter your email on the blog homepage at the top right) and TWO, you have to give us a report on how you like using it and what you did with your very own Terra Skin rock paper. Off to the Studio, happy to be home – happy weekend, everyone!

11 thoughts on “Friday Freebie: Rock Paper . . . . .

  1. It does look interesting – I haven’t had much time to try different media, but i can see that it’s going to be fun because it doesn’t absorb like watercolor paper and you can wipe and scrape back into it. And I especially like the ecologically sound production method – thanks, y’all.

  2. Now this sounds interesting and I’d really love to try it. I am in Australia but would be happy to pay for the postage if I am the lucky winner. I love your blog and what you do, I have been a subscriber for at least two years and am looking forward to being able to meet you in person, hopefully in a class, when I next come to the USA.

    • Rob, I remember when you subscribed! I was so excited – thanks for hanging in there with me for all this time. I actually sell a lot of faces from my Etsy shop in Australia and have a couple of people from there in my online class- one of these days I’d love to visit. Maybe a workshop!!
      Hey, I just remembered something – I owe you a Tshirt! Checkout this post from a long time ago –

  3. I’ve heard of this paper, but have not had the opportunity to try it. I’d love to be the winner and try using several different mediums with it. I really enjoy working in YUPO with my alcohol inks, and will be trying some encaustic with it as well. I could see the TerraSkin being one of my next favorite papers to play with!

  4. I heard about this paper from another artist but then couldn’t find the source. Would love to try it and respond if I am chosen, other wise will try it on my own one day, soon.

  5. This paper looks so promising for texture and great contrasts. I would love a freedie.
    Thanks for your great artwork and your willingness to share it with us.

  6. This stuff sounds incredible. Would love to give it a try. I’m all about the “texture”! Thanks for your incredible inspiration and generous giveaways.

  7. I’ll post this tomorrow, but if you’d like to try it, the best place to get it seems to be Cheap Joe’s – you can order a cool 7×10 art journal for less than $14 – THANKS, All, for the great comments –

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