Friday Freebie from the land of magic – Dimensional Collage eBook

Teaching last week at the Gaian Soul retreat on Whidbey Island  was such a joy! Dear friend Joanna Powell Colbert has a gift for bringing together a group of diverse women and weaving them gently into an inclusive circle that is beautifully unforgettable. Heck, Joanna could probably herd cats and make them like it – she’s that magical!

Want to see what the retreat was like? Click this link to go to Joanna’s very cool webpage about our time together. Then come right back, because I have a free eBook for you that will show you step-by-step how to participate in the project that we did – even though this example was specifically designed for the Aldermarsh retreat, it’s personal and fun for everyone and every level.


Click here to access your free 32 page eBook called Create Dimensional Collage on Canvas it’s a short and easy version of one of my most popular workshops. You can download it if you like. Let me know how you like it, especially if you make your own Dimensional Collage. Have a wonderfully creative weekend, Y’all!!

11 thoughts on “Friday Freebie from the land of magic – Dimensional Collage eBook

  1. What a wonderful time the Gaian Retreat must have been! Thanks so much for the e-book! As always, your generosity confounds and enriches!

  2. I love your work so much! But living in the Pacific NW, a trip to Texas isn’t in the works, so I thank you so much for this!! I wish I’d been able to come to the Gaian retreat with you and Joanna; I hope some time I can. In the meantime, this book is wonderful, as is your generosity! xoxo

  3. Lyn, Thank you so much for your e-book!!! It is fabulous! I can’t wait to create a piece of art following your tutorial. Why did you name your painting “Cabin Twelve”? I am have a very difficult time naming my art. Do you think writing about what you just created helps you come up with a title? Wish I lived close to you so I could participate in person with your events at your studio! Linda

    • The name just came to me as i was putting the feather on – the collage has a lot of stuff that girls collect at summer camp – wood and crystals – even dirt! So I named it Cabin Twelve because those three girls we in a summer camp cabin (#12) together a long long time ago. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it 🙂

  4. Love your painting from the retreat. Thank you so much for the download of your book. I have saved it and will use it for inspiration. oxox

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  6. I am trying to download your ebook and cannot get it. Am I too late or just not doing something correctly? Thanks, Ann Tyler

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