Minding my own beeswax

beacon-hill-art-walkEvery June I look forward to participating in the Beacon Hill Art Walk in Boston – the venerable old red-brick and cobblestone neighborhood opens its courtyards and gardens to over 100 artists for a unique event that includes music and food.

This year, inspired by Clare O’Neill and  the work that my students did in our first Beeswax Collage workshop, I’m including some of my own encaustP1100506ic beeswax collages for show & sale. I’m also developing a new eBook about the process called Behind the Veil – it’s almost ready for publication. And I’ll offer a new workshop on this Beeswax Collage process on July 12th, and another one in the fall, so stay tuned for those things. The new eBook will give you several tips on working successfully with this process, including:

  • Limit your palette, both in imagery and in wax color
  • Work small scale at first
  • Use a good substrate such as Arches #300 watercolor paper

Taking any art to Boston is kind of a challenge because it has to be lightweight, packable, and easy to set up. These collages fit the bill – I’m hoping they will be popular with Boston patrons. Two years ago, my work won a third place ribbon, last year I took home a second place ribbon – maybe these little pieces will snag a first place at the show on June 7th! Here are a few of the new beeswax & collage pieces that are completed. Do you think they will be a hit on Beacon Hill? Fingers crossed 🙂



8 thoughts on “Minding my own beeswax

    • Clare, I owe so much to you – your work put me on the right track and freed me up to play with wax and not be intimidated – thanks!

  1. These are wonderful, I would give you a First Place Award. I have been trying to work in encaustic wax, but I’m not satisfied with the result. I took your Roses on the Table class but I think I need a hands on session or two. Let me know when your ebook is ready as I will definitely read it.

  2. Wonderful artwork! First place for sure! Can’t wait for you’re book, I tried some beeswax yesterday for the first time, sure didn’t come out as nice as yours, but I can see how alluring the wax can be, need to learn more! It’s never as easy as u think, but tx to wonderful artist like yourself, I am able to better myself even though I never get off this island! Aloha, angi in hana

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