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These cosalts2ol bath salts are one of the examples I show in my aromatherapy classes (see the site at Chemaroma.com ). My biochemist friend Dr. Bill Kurtin knows all of the reasons essential oils work scientifically, but you can do this project without knowing any chemistry – whew :). You’ll need some Epsom Salts, some essential oil (Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods) and some lunch bags. You can make these for less than a dollar each and they smell wonderful and work great on sore muscles or stressed out psyches. You can store them in your linen closet to make the towels smell fresh. Easy, cheap and nice – there ya have it.

Here’s a video I made for our aromatherapy class site that explains the how-to. Think hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. You can even toss a small handful of the salts into your shower and get the therapeutic effects of the essential oils without soaking!

5 thoughts on “Quick gift you can make

    • This sounds great and easy. I hadn’t thought about using epson salt. I wonder if you could use fresh rosemary somehow. I have a ton and love the smell.

      • You can do a rosemary “infusion” with the Epsom salts, although it takes a week or so. Get a plastic container with a lid and layer the salts, the rosemary springs (don’t chop it up or you wont be able to pick it out). the salts, more rosemary, put the lid on and shake it a couple of times a day. In a week the Epsom salts will smell fantastic. You can also use them as drawer sachets, although they tend to clump together and get kind of hard after a while.

        • Oops, forgot to say pick out the rosemary springs before you bag the salts, but as smart as you are, Pamela, you probably figured that out 🙂

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