Sous Vide, Scott Bradshaw, and Seven Ravens Bake House

Scott Bradshaw’s Rum Cake (via Instagram)

The 11th International Encaustic Conference sessions in Provincetown are over, and we have had several free days before I teach my post-conference workshop tomorrow at the Center for the Arts at Castle Hills in Truro. So yesterday, Bill and I took a road trip to Plainville MA to visit his nephew, Scott Bradshaw.

What surprising and delightful experience! I knew that Scott was an expert and innovative baker who lived in a restored 18th century house, but WOW. I’ll show you some photos of his extraordinary house first, then talk about Scott’s culinary creations.

The house is at least two-and-a-half centuries old and has been lovingly restored and remodeled over the years. The previous owner was a chef who taught cooking classes in her kitchen, so the kitchen was ready and waiting for Scott when he bought the house four years ago. Scott has also expanded the herb garden and done some major structural reinforcement.

When Bill and I arrived, Scott was experimenting with caramelizing milk and dark chocolate using the Sous Vide technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results.

Bill and Scott discuss the chemistry of cooking – Dingo is Scott’s helper

The Sous Vide setup

Scott’s kitchen – swoon . . .

Scott gave us a sample of some caramelized white chocolate that he had just done, and then we tried some of the ganache that he had made from it. Good heavens! It tasted like the essence of Tres Leches cake – delicious and addictive. I learned so much about the art of baking in our short visit – and you can learn from Scott, too!

He has a fantastic new blog called Seven Ravens Bake House.

Here you will find all kinds of recipes and techniques that are generally know only to the experts – of which Scott is definitely one!

He’s also a very entertaining writer who will make you laugh out loud with his dry humor. I definitely encourage you to subscribe to his blog for the writing, if nothing else. Although the latest post on making Cola Ganache is pretty interesting – cola ganache??

A special thanks to Dingo for being a fine co-host on this memorable visit – thanks, Scott and Dingo – we’ll be back!!


9 thoughts on “Sous Vide, Scott Bradshaw, and Seven Ravens Bake House

  1. It was a delight to see both you and Bill again. You are welcome in our home anytime! I am glad dear “Abitha” felt warm and welcoming to you… and thank you for the shout out! I appreciate it! Next time I will cook my “New England Burger” with Blueberry Beer for you both!

  2. Delightful pictures Lyn! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Will you be in California anytime soon with a workshop or other art adventure?

  3. Wow! The rum cake looks beyond fantastic. Scott’s house reminds me so much of my cousin Terry Maltsberger’s home near Boston. He is now deceased, but I will never forget dinner in his herb garden. What a special visit, loved the pictures.

  4. This is so awe inspiring Lyn, Bill and Scott. I have eaten Scott’s Rum Cake before. It was a Christmas gift from Bill and Sandra. I wish I could order one from him. Thank you for sharing all of this beauty with us. It’s amazing beyond words.

  5. Great photos of house and herb garden. But, I do have my usual question when viewing photos of great houses: Who does the dusting? 🙂

  6. Thank you Lyn for sharing your photos and descriptions of ya’ll’s visit with Scott. I think I may have to subscribe to his blog just to get some of his recipes. So happy ya’ll got to visit and are enjoying your trip up north.

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